Photo Resist
Photo Initator
Research & Development

At the very start, Tronly targeted at the advanced photoinitiaor and sensitizer which are used in the photoresist, one of the advanced electronic materials. After more than 10 years' effort, we have our own core technology, and we have successfully developed a lot of high performanced photoinitiators and sensitizers. Now we have become a domestic and international well-known enterprise in advanced photoinitiator and sensitizer fields.


Changzhou Tronly New Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. is an application-oriented, independent innovation based company specialized in R&D and manufacture of the photoresist dedicated chemical materials. Photoinitiators (Including Photosensitizer, Photo Acid Generator, etc.) and Photoresist resins are main parts of our product line which mainly applied to the advanced electronic materials, such as Dry Film for PCB, Color Resist or BM for LCD, special materials for semiconductor and so on.

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